It's not surprising that online counseling is more popular than ever, given how busy the demands of modern life are. Trying to find the time to get into a therapist's office is not always practical, especially when you work full-time, drive your children to after schoo...

Have you ever felt that you could not breathe? Maybe you felt like the walls were starting to crowd in on you, or you could feel your heart pounding in your chest? Many of us have experienced theses intense feelings one time or another in our life. Recently, I had the...

Celebrities and political figures turn to Nashville Concierge Counseling.

Ask yourself this; When thinking about your friends, does one of them stand out as being particularly difficult to deal with? Do any of them have a history of talking behind your back? Do they frequently come across as too controlling, too unpredictable, or otherwise t...

7 out of 10 adults have experienced significant trauma at some point in their life. Unfortunately due to the shame that accompanies trauma it is an experience that is often kept secret.  Not wanting to talk about painful memories is a coping mechanism that is often lea...

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